Thanks to member Mike Smith for this.

Do not be alarmed by who has this technology Trump did this. He secretly met with the Iranians and he told them how to proceed with this technology. He knew they would run into trouble with their government and the pharmas and our government. He knew the USA would not be able to shut them up or control them in any way. Trump is so smart.

When they started curing all manner of diseases including the C virus. with this technology their government acknowledged this technology, much to the chagrin of the PHARMA, AMA, CDC, FDA, and our DOJ. There was nothing they could do about it. This technology will shut all of them down.

Listen to this video. He says, you no longer have to take poisonous medications from the pharmas. No more vacc**ines. Iran is virtually cov**id free. (I'll bet they really hit the roof over that one.) No more chemo.

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